JazzOut SwingFest

August 26/28/2022 



Read carefully the leveldiscription before you register. You really want to be in the right level for you as you get most out of it and so will the other participants. 

Because not everyones Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz level are the same, you can pick a different level for Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz. 

Lindy Hop: Level 1

Solo Jazz: Level 1

You joined weekly Lindy Hop classes for more than half a year now and went to a few socials. 140 BPM is a good tempo for you and you are able to SwingOut on the social dancefloor on this speed.
You feel like you need more moves in your dancing vocabulaire, so you want to learn lots and lots and lots of new moves. 
Whenever you are with your friends, you talk a lot about Lindy Hop and how much fun it is and why they should start too. 

You know what the ShimSham is and are able to dance it more or less on the social dancefloor. 
Maybe you did a few workshops or classes of Solo Jazz, but you are definitely a beginner. You want to learn more Solo moves and are eager to expand your vocabulaire.  

Lindy Hop: Level 2

Solo Jazz: Level 2

You joined weekly Lindy Hop classes for more than 1.5 year now and went to a lot of socials. You have also visited a few festivals already and had classes from a few different teachers. You are getting confident on the dancefloor.
160 PM is a good tempo for you and you are able to SwingOut on the social dancefloor on this speed. You feel like you need more variations on moves and on footwork. You would love to learn anything that looks cool and smooth. 

You are getting obsessed with Lindy Hop, your friends and collegues all have seen a few videos of Lindy Hop because you showed it to them. You are still convincing everyone around you to start Lindy Hopping. 

The ShimSham is easy for you and you love to try your solomoves into partnered dancing. You have tried or know some other routines like the Tranky Doo and the Big Apple. 
You have followed weekly classes and did a few workshops in Solo Jazz. You are familiar with some Charlestonmoves and can dance a whole number on your own. 
You are really looking forward to expand your vocabulaire and want to learn about the techniques behind it. 

Lindy Hop: Level 3

Solo Jazz: Level 3

You are joining Lindy Hop classes for a long time now and went to uncountable socials. Next to that you have joined different festivals and had amazing classes by amazing teachers from all around the world. 

180 Is a good tempo for you on the social dancefloor, but you feel that your SwingOuts could use some work. You have some fancy moves and variations in your repertoire but you feel like you should work on your technique. You dare to work on your basics and are exited when the teacher shows you the basic triplestep. 
Lindy Hop is not longer an obsession but a big part of your life. 

You know that without Solo Jazz classes your Lindy Hop will never be at your best. You are eager to learn all kinds of moves & techniques and you dare to play around with rhythm. 
You dare to dance whole songs of Solo Jazz on the social dancefloor. 
Your are solo-jazzing through the corridor at work or while doing the dishes.
No-one can stop your Fall of the Logs! 

Lindy Hop: Level 4 (Video audition)

You are of have been teaching Lindy Hop and you are competing and performing now and then. You have a big vocabulaire of moves and variations, and are ready to work on your own style. You want to explore your own movements and are exited to work on the absolute basics of Lindy Hop. 
You are up for a challenge and dare to work on anything necessary. Your main goal on the social dancefloor is to make each dance feel like heaven between you and your partner, whichever level your partner has. 

Terms for the video audition - Lindy Hop: Level 4

1. We have to see your whole body
2. We want to know who we have to look at: say your name(s) in the video
3. We want to see some SwingOuts and other awesomeness
4. The song should be at least 180BPM
5. The dancing should be social dancing/improv
6. The dancing should take about 1 minute and 30 seconds.
Name your video: 'firstname lastname & firstname lastname audition JOSF2020' 
example: Danny Merkelbag & Eveline van Lievenoogen Audition JOSF2020
8. Send your video to: contact@jazzoutnijmegen.nl 
9. If you need more info, contact us at the same e-mail adress. 
10. You are placed in level 3 until your Video audition is in and approved for level 4. If you registered as a couple, you are placed as a couple.