JazzOut SwingFest

August 26/28/2022 


Terms of Agreement 


Registration & admission

  • Your registration to JazzOut SwingFest is assured only after complete payment of the fee. If you registered with a partner this means both of you need to complete the payment.
  • The JazzOut SwingFest team  will not be held responsible for any expenses made by the registrant, unless differently stated in the Cancellation Policies.
  • The JazzOut SwingFest team reserves the right to refuse you from attendance, with no fee reimbursement, if you do not respect these terms and conditions. This also affects the registration of your sign-up partner.



  • You will follow dance classes according to the JazzOut SwingFest schedule and to the level you are assigned to.
  • The JazzOut SwingFest Teachers, whose judgement is unquestionable, reserve the right to change your level at any time and in all classes.
  • The JazzOut SwingFest team cannot be held responsible for any lost or damaged belongings. 
  • The JazzOut SwingFest team cannot be held responsible for any injury.
  • You will respect the other participants, the teachers, the organizers, the facilities and all equipment.
  • No form of hostile or offensive behaviour, psychologically or physically, will be tolerated. Offenders will be refused from JazzOut SwingFest.



  • Registration to JazzOut SwingFest can be canceled by you with the following reimbursement rules:
  • 75% of the fee will be reimbursed for cancellations happening no later than 30 days before the JazzOut SwingFest start date.
  • 25% of the fee will be reimbursed for cancellations between 30 days and 10 days before the JazzOut SwingFest start date.
  • No refund for cancellations happening later than 10 days before  the JazzOut SwingFest start date.
  • If you have registered with a partner, your cancellation can affect your partners registration. 
  • The cancellation policy applies in all cases, including those due to last-minute injuries, flight cancellations, or any event that is not caused by the JazzOut SwingFest organization
  • The JazzOut SwingFest organization reserves the right to make changes to the schedule, line-up or other events at JazzOut SwingFest if necessary
  • You are allowed to sell (or give away) a pass, regarding these conditions
  • The new attendee is registering for the same role and level. If there is a video audition necessary, the new attendee has to send in one and has to be accepted by the JazzOut SwingFest organisation. 
  • The attendee must e-mail the JazzOut SwingFest crew with the new name, number and e-mail address and who’s ticket is being transferred.