JazzOut SwingFest

August 26/28/2022 



All locations are in or near the city centre. You can reach all locations easy by public, transport, bike or foot, Everything is al walking distance from the trainstation. 

Workshop venue

Het Danslokaal

Address: Waalbandijk 12F, Nijmegen

We teach regularly in Het Danslokaal Nijmegen. It has 2 big dancehalls with floating wooden floors, big mirrors and is located in an old soup factory. 

Het Danslokaal is a hidden gem. If you haven't been there before check out the video so you know what to look for. 

When you have found the red stairs, go up and walk all the way to the back. Just around the corner you will see the entrance. 

In Het Danslokaal you an have water, tea and coffee and there is a vendingmachine for small snacks and sodas (works on coins). There is no place nearby to get some lunch, so bring your own!

It is a 20 minute walk from the station to Het Danslokaal

Map to Het Danslokaal

Party venues


Address: Mariënburg 38-39, Nijmegen

Last year you were in awe with the beautiful location for the Saturday party. This year we have arranged it to be even better as we have this amazing venue for the Friday and Saturday party. 

It is a 14 minute walk from the station to LUX. 

LUX has a few beautiful rooms, ours is the biggest one. LUX-7. When you enter LUX you will be welcomed by our volunteers who will show you the way. 

Map to LUX

De Waagh

Address: Grote Markt 2, Nijmegen

During the Sunday afternoon party we will dance in De Waagh. The most cosy and historical venue there is. It has a great wooden floor, the most perfect bartender and it's athmosphere is amazing. The majestic stairs on the outside of the building is our entrance. 

It is a 12 minute walk from the station to De Waagh. 

De Waagh was build in 1612 in the renaissancestyle which was common in The Netherlands. It was a building where the meat which was sold on the Market had to be weighed before sales. 

The goods came in trough the big doors in front of the building. Downstairs De Waagh was a slaughterhouse and meatmarket. 
But upstairs, where we will dance, was the post of the city guard. He made his rounds through the city from here. 

Map to De Waagh

Saturday afternoon activity- more info coming up