JazzOut SwingFest

August 28 - 30 



At JazzOut we love competitions of all sorts! That is why, at JOSF, there are a few different competitions to join in. 

J&J competition

First of all we have a J&J

Check out this awesome movie of last year! The competitors did so well, they really put up a show. 

We have amazing prices to win! 

You can register for the J&J at the Friday and Saturday party. 

The J&J will be held on Saturday, 
Pre-lims: 21:30
Finals: 00:00
Winnerannouncement: 01:00

Best dressed competition

We love it when the whole room looks like you step back in time. So suit up, dress up, brush your shoes, register for a slot at the hairdressers and be the most fabulous you.
This competition is held on Saturday evening, no need to register, we'll look around for the best dressed of you. 
At 01:00 at Saturdaynight we will announce the best dressed follow and the best dressed lead. 

Both will recieve a great gift. 
Winnerannouncement: Saturday, 01:00

Saturday afternoon activity 

On Saturday afternoon there is a great, historical influenced, activity for all of you who want to join. You will be divided in groups and every group has the chance to win a cool groupprize. 
What the activity will be, we announce later! 
We promise you, it will be less walking than last year...
Winnerannouncement: Saturday, 01:00

Old-fashioned Dutch Grabbelton 

On the Friday and Saturday party you can put your name in the Old-Fashioned Dutch Grabbelton. On Saturday our beloved MC will stick his hand in the Grabbelton and pick 1 name. 
This lucky get's a cool prize! 
Winnerannouncement: Saturday, 01:00