JazzOut SwingFest

August 26/28/2022 



This site will be updated when we are ready to organise 2022's edition of JOSF! 
For now we have decided the 2021 of JOSF cannot take place due to government restrictions. But we have great hopes for next year.

We really hope seeing you all at JazzOut Swingfest 2022 and we promise that it will most definitely become a huge party! 

26-28 August 2022 

Stay Tuned!



DSC_5817 (1)
DSC_5817 (1)


We are looking forward to see you all in Nijmegen again!


 The 2019 edition of JOSF was so amazing, wonderful and full of energy, we loved every single minute of it! 

This years edition promises to be amazing again. We have put together an energetic team with talents on all fronts.

We have also listened to your feedback, thank you for that. We have made some improvements and we think they make everything even better!

At this time we have arranged almost everything...but we can keep a secret. Follow our site, Facebook page 'JazzOut' and Insta: 'swingdanceatjazzout' for every detail. 


We offer different kind of passes, for everyone there is something that will fit!




Artists Line-up


The line-up of artists we have is amazing! 

The teachers are a very important part of the festival, but ofcourse we need more!

On Friday & on Saturday there is live music. We have arranged the best bands for you. 

Jake Walker is once again part of our festival, we love them so much, we just needed to have them back. On Saturday they will keep you on the floor by playing the best tunes they have. 

And we know you'll love the local band who are taking over Swing in Nijmegen! More info coming soon.

We have a few DJ's ready to get you going. There is no time to stop dancing...every song will be great. 
One of them is DJ Splanky, all the way from Denmark! He'll keep you rocking the floor for sure!
And ofcourse, because we loved them last year, DJ-duo Kings of Swing from Belgium! 

The coolest MC around, Alexander Dryer, a,k.a Texas will make his appearance at the parties and will also teach some solo classes. 


If Nijmegen isn't 'gezellig', we don't know what is!


In Nijmegen you will find cosyness, pretty historical buildings, the best restaurants, winebars and coolest dancers in the world. 

Since it's oldest days Nijmegen is an sparkling and energetic city. It is the oldest city in The Netherlands and therefore it has an amazing history. 

Take a walk through town and find the most amazing artifacts of long-gone days. There are monuments and ruïns, buildings and stories, dated back to the times of the Romans. 

Come and enjoy the rich history is this lively city!

We've made sure all our venues are close to each other. Everything is easy to reach by bike, foot and/or public transportation.